Meet Sammie Leigh, a talented and young musician from Ohio that is a versatile recording artist, songwriter and solo acoustic performer.

 But let’s rewind a bit. Sammie’s journey with music started early on. When she was just a young girl her dad started taking her to karaoke at Woody's RiverRoo, a beautiful riverfront restaurant in Florida. She was a natural performer, belting out tunes in a confidence of the pro. Later high school drama and bullies dimmed her sparkle, making her shy from performing in big crowds. And then came pelting the pesky battles with anxiety and depression. One thing led to another, and Sammie was falling into the hollows of substance abuse.

 However, she bounced back in no time with the support of her Family, S/O and friends. With their unwavering support and cheering, she found her way back to the stage and overcame her fears. 

Nowadays Sammie pours her heart into songs like “Breathe Easy,” “Prevail,” “Bad Habits," and her latest “Lost Inside.” These tracks are like an emotional rollercoaster, taking listeners on a journey through highs and lows of life. 

Don’t think Sammie’s music is only about struggles and darkness. On the contrary, it is about the light after the dark tunnel, and hope. People from all walks of life of all ages are able to connect with her melancholic voice, honest lyrics, and find solace in navigating the challenges.