Sammie Leigh is a singer/songwriter based out of the great state of Ohio. 


Having an interest in singing all of her life, she eventually picked up lyric writing.


Long story short, her lyric writing journey began one extremely cold winter, in a laundry room, in Iowa. 


She continues to gain knowledge and experience; and has recently taken on guitar lessons. 


Each day is another day to learn something new.  


Her influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Miranda Lambert and more. 


 She has performed at festivals and events, such as: 

SpunFest  (Years 1 & 2)


The Winchester (Lakewood,OH)


Barra Restaurant (Amherst,OH)


Lions Tigers & Bass Festival


Karma Cafe (Akron, OH)


Skully's (Columbus,OH)  






Facebook: Sammie Leigh Music


Instagram: @SammieLeighMusic