Hello! Thank you for stopping by my website. : )


My name is Sammie Leigh; I am a singer / songwriter out of Ohio. 

Growing up, I always remember music being a big part of my life. There's a video from when I was about 6 years old; a Brittney Spears instrumental playing in the background, my hair brush "microphone," a bandana as a shirt, just enjoying life to the fullest. I wanna say around 11 I started going to karaoke with my dad, and fell in love with that the moment I tried it.  I never imagined I would actually be able to sing in front of people, someday.  Flash forward to today, I've got quite a few gigs under my belt, with plans for some exciting stuff this summer! (I will share details as they come! Check my Facebook to stay up-to-date.<3

These last few years have been filled with learning experiences and growth. I've been able to release some original music, met some truly amazing souls and really started to focus on music more than ever before. In the last year, I picked up guitar and have been preparing to use that for future events that I sing at. I have big plans for the future and I can't wait to share them with you all.

It's definitely been a journey, but every step this far has been so worth it.

There really is something so beautiful in the way that music is able to bring people together.  

I just want to take the time to THANK YOU for being here; taking the time to read this and browse through my website. 

Time is precious and I truly appreciate yours. : )


-Sammie Leigh

Video / Music Production : Jack LoPiccolo, Spider Studios.