Hello! Welcome to my page. 

I'm Sammie Leigh, a singer/songwriter out of Ohio. 

There's honestly no way for me to know exactly when my passion for music began. There's a video from when I was about 6... I'm in my 'jammies', as I called them, singing into a hair brush. Just having a good ol' time. & Ever since I can remember, music has been the only thing that really grounds me. 

As the years have passed, I've fallen deeper in love with music and all of it's magic. 

Music helps us to heal our minds. It helps us to feel whatever it is we need to feel. To free ourselves from our inner challenges. 

At least, it's helped me in those ways, and that's all I can hope to do with my music. To tell a story, or create a feeling. To really move the people who hear it. To maybe help them through something they are going through. 

Music & Lyrics can be so powerful. I believe we can use it to help get a positive message across the world, and help people live happier, and more positive lives. One person at a time. 

Sending many positive vibes and much love to you, out there, taking the time to read this. You are appreciated. Thank you, 

-Sammie Leigh

Video / Music Production : Jack LoPiccolo, Spider Studios.